Whats In Your Pantry

An easy to follow guide to keeping your pantry stocked with basic ingredients. By stocking essential ingredients you’ll be able to create delicious dishes with or without a recipe. Debbi offers a simple approach to cooking; she shares tip and insider secrets to substituting ingredients, from your well-stocked pantry, to her basic recipes for quick and easy meals. With each season she also provides a list of fresh produce to incorporate into your recipes.

‘What’s In Your Pantry’ is an indispensable guide to have in the kitchen. Chef Debbi’s tips and suggestions can mean the difference between kitchen chaos and sure-hit meals.
Candy Wallace, Founder and Executive Director, American Personal Chefs Association
“Chef Debbi has created a guideline that taps into the practical and encourages the intuitive cook inside us all!”
Helene Kennan, Executive Chef Bon Appétit Management Co. | Past President Women’s Chefs and Restaurateurs
…one of Debbi’s greatest attributes is her passion for great food and her ability to share it with others.
Joe Hernandez, President of Melissa’s World Variety Produce