Summer Recipes with Herbs

Try these recipes using fresh herbs from your garden! Don’t have an herbs garden? I can teach you, more to come next week!  

Cast Iron Skillet Rib Eye


Mothers Day Menu

Here’s a special Mother’s Day menu that I love. It’s a throw \back from the 70’s when Veal Oscar was on every fine dining menu. I love it still but…

Easter Preview

  Easter was always a time spent with lots of family,  lots of food and other things. This year will be hard on most people, not being able to get…

What's In Your Pantry

Pantry Cooking

Here are a few Cooking From The Pantry recipes for you to enjoy. For more ideas on how to stock your pantry and learn new ways to cook, check out…

Cranberry-Apple Salad with Walnuts

BBQ Grilled Chicken

  Grilling chicken isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Many times the chicken burns long before the inside is done. Here’s a great way to grill that chicken to…

Hatch Chile Time is Here!


Spring is nearly here and with it comes lovely artichokes. Artichokes are perennial plants in the same family as dandelions and sunflowers, they are a thistle plant and, in most…

Fontina & Gruyere Gougére’s


Chicken Parmesan Meatballs


Lettuce Varieties

  Are you hankering for some romaine lettuce? Well, there are tons of alternatives here in So. Cal for you. From the CDC website here’s what they are saying about…