Late Summer/Early Fall Menu’s

While it’s still pretty hot out in So. California it’s hard to go into the kitchen to cook. Here are some light recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.…

All Fruit Crisp


Easter Preview

  Easter was always a time spent with lots of family,  lots of food and other things. This year will be hard on most people, not being able to get…

Strawberry Season

  There’s almost nothing better in spring than fresh strawberries (except for maybe asparagus, artichokes and morel mushrooms! Look for strawberries that are red all the way to the top,…

Applesauce Cake

A quick and easy cake for fall, don’t expect many leftovers! See the list here for which kind of apples are great for baking.

How to Choose Baking Apples

THE BEST APPLES FOR BAKING   The Farmer’s Almanac Name Best Uses Flavor Characteristics, Appearance Braeburn Applesauce Tart, sweet, aromatic, tall shape, bright color Cortland Pies, Applesauce, Fruit Salad Tart, crisp,…

Pumpkin Olive Oil Cake


Cherry Clafoutis

Class French dessert, great for brunch or breakfast with coffee.

Fudgy Peppermint Brownies

If you google how to bake brownies in a skillet you will find recipes that actually cook in the oven in a skillet rather than a recipe you can cook…

Cooking From The Pantry

Easier than pie recipe for seasonal sweets. Great on the buffet table, to take to a pot luck or just for an afternoon snack. You can purchase a baking spice…

Hatch Chile Brownies

Fudgy, chewy, mild or hot…..a delicious treat!  

Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Cream Cheese Frosting

  Photo: Cookie Dough & Oven Mitt