Growing Corn

It’s time to start late spring and summer flowers & veggie’s   Photo: Farmers Almanac   Corn can be fickle, it likes warm weather and the bugs and four-legged critters…

The Mushroom Farm Tour

We are all scheduled for our first local farm tour for 2021! Join us for farm, food & fun. No transportation is provided, we suggest carpooling as much as possible.…

Fall/Winter Vegetable Gardening

Vegetables to plant in our So. California gardens now   Beets Be sure to thin plants to about 3″ apart and harvest when they are small for a sweet flavor.…

Farm, Food & Wine Tour 2017

Highlights from our annual Farm, Food & Wine Tour from 2017. Thanks everyone for joining us! We’re sold out for this year but save the date for Oct 23-25, 2020.

How to Make Pumpkin or Squash Puree

You don’t want to use just any kind of pumpkin for puree, most pumpkins have too much water in them and not enough flavor. Use the small pumpkins known as…

Windrose Farm

Farm, Food and Wine Tour including a visit to the magical Windrose Farm

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