Late Summer/Early Fall Menu’s

While it’s still pretty hot out in So. California it’s hard to go into the kitchen to cook. Here are some light recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.…

Too Hot to Cook

I’m guessing you all noticed that summer finally arrived and so did the desire NOT to cook anything. Here are a few recipes to help you navigate through this heat…

Summer Recipes with Herbs

Try these recipes using fresh herbs from your garden! Don’t have an herbs garden? I can teach you, more to come next week!  

Mushroom Risotto with Chicken

Here’s a ‘pantry’ style dish, use leftover or rotisserie chicken, frozen (defrosted) shrimp, lobster or leave all protein out and just enjoy. The best rice to use is Arborio  or …

More Summer Recipes

Summer Recipes Cast Iron Skillet Rib Eye Bay Shrimp Salad Oven Baked Steak Fries Any fruit Crisp

Bay Shrimp Salad


Oven Baked Steak Fries


All Fruit Crisp


Cast Iron Skillet Rib Eye


Summer Pantry

Summer Pantry  25 Must Haves for Your Summer Pantry Anchovies or anchovy paste BBQ sauce Canned lump crab meat Canned Tomatoes, Plum, chopped and Sun Dried Capers Chickpeas Corn and…