Growing Amaryllis

3 Ways to Plant Amaryllis

A lovely amaryllis in bloom is a sure sign that the holiday season is in full swing. By planting in November, you can ensure gorgeous flowers come Christmas.
TV gardener Andrea Mason shares easy techniques for growing amaryllis in three different mediums:



Fill a clear vessel with a three-inch layer of stones or pebbles.
Add the amaryllis bulb, then add more stones around it for stability.
Add water just below the bulb, but not touching it, and monitor the water level to make sure it remains consistent.


Partially fill a pot with well-draining potting soil; add bulbs.
Fill in with soil 2/3 of the way up the bulb, keeping the “neck and shoulders” above the soil level.

Water and let pot drain; cover the soil surface with moss or pebbles for decoration. Potted amaryllis can thrive for more than 15 years if properly maintained. 


Place coco peat disk in a container and add warm water.
Allow disk to absorb water and expand for about 15 minutes; stir.
Fill the bottom half of a pot with coco peat mixture and position bulb with roots down. Add remaining mixture so about 1/4 of the bulb is above the surface.

 Care Tips

After planting, place bulbs in a warm, bright spot. Bottom heat, such as a germination pad or the top of a refrigerator, will help force the bulbs out of dormancy.
Water sparingly until green growth appears, then water regularly. Try to keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Stake the stalks with twigs when they grow tall so they don’t topple over.
After flowers fade, cut stems an inch from the base of the bulb. Water as needed and apply household fertilizer monthly until midsummer. Then, cease watering and let bulbs rest for two months, at which point they’re ready to begin the forcing process once again.

Article from Martha Stewart

Photo Smithsonian Inst. Diane Shaw

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